30. 3. 2013

Music boxes :-)

Hi, this article should be here on Tuesday yet, but it wasn't here, because I was ill (and I'm still) and somehow I couldn't get here. So in this article I have prepared for you: How to make a little joy to someone or to yourself. It's production of "Music Box"

I got it from classmate - friends as a christmas gift. Amazing christmas gift! :-)
And I made three the same "music boxes" for my sisters and mom this Tuesday.
The procedure was very easy, so I decided to share it with you. :-) ..... Slovak procedure is HERE.

1. At the beginning I chose music notes from some song. I chose "Just give me a reason" by P!NK, because I recently learnt to play this song. Beautiful song. 

2. Then I took some colored papers and I printed music notes on them. From both sides. 

3. I prepared the things which I needed: ruler, pencil, rubber, scissors and glue.

4. On the colored paper I have drawn square with size 12x12 and square with size 12,8 x 12,8. 
And then I drew their diagonals. With pencil! And subtly! 
Then I cut out these squares.

5. We are starting in composing. The first, we'll bend one horn to the center. 
As follows:

6. Then we'll bend it again. 
As follows:

7. This, We'll do it with all the horns of square. 
Then we'll created grid. This grid:

8. Then, as you can see in the photo, 
we'll do notches from two opposite corners from the left and right sides.
Two pieces! 

9. Then we'll bend larger corners into the center, follows: 

And we'll create this:

10. And then we'll bend smaller corner into the center. 
And we'll create this:

11. We'll repeat the same procedure for the second square.

And the result is amazing! :-)

I wish a lot of flavor to work. :-)

14. 3. 2013

Sunset :-)

Finally after my important exams! :-)
We already have unofficial results and it looks like I did it very good :-) But I prefer to wait for results to two weeks. Prayer has helped me very well, too. Prayer which we and Mrs. teacher prayed for our good results. Thank you, Mrs Teacher. It was very nice from you. I even had tears in my eyes. :) Thaaaaaank youuuuu :* :)
And do you know what made me the most pleased? Of course in addition to the family. It that people keep their fingers for me, people which I don't even known. It is so amazing. 
The amazing feeling! Thanks :-) 

This amazing sunset I saw a day before exams. I hope that this wonderful sunset I see when I already will know my results. :-)

6. 3. 2013

Something about my birthday yet and something more...

So... This word is still on start of article (or somewhere in article), huh? :D
So! :D I had a birthday last week yet, but my brother baked a cake for me on Sunday. Do you understand it? Do you understand? I do. The men are lazy for that work. My brother only took the opportunity that I had a birthday and he baked a cake for me, because it was his homework. But not, he surely did it of love for me. I know it. :) And he was wearing Mom's wort-red apron. :D

I have also got a book from classmates who made for ​​me amazing gift which was in the previous article, sweater... beautiful and amazing sweater from Mom, dessert and sweater from grandma, and that is about all. :)

I'm closing the chapter about my birthday and I'll continue... :)
In the last days, I like this song (Just give me reason by P!NK) and I hope I can find music notes on it. :)

And maybe, if I'll have music notes on this song, maybe I'll play it as follows: 

Maybe! :)

And one last thing: Till three days, you would had to find my new music video and some music notes. Bye