28. 5. 2013

What happened this month ?

Hello, everyone! :)
Even too this month ran down pretty quickly. And in this time, many things happened.
And also something changed. :) But a change is life. Life has to be a change for us all. :)
So What happened:
1. I finally changed the design of that page. Before it wasn't very nice :D Or?
2. I gave to procure about 20 photos and I have great pleasure from them. :)

3. I participated the "Book-jump" - competition for books.
    And... I won three books :)
    Twitter: Yeah! I won one competition called "Knižní hop" something like "Book-jump" :D
                 I won three books. :) BOOKS! :) Love it! :) One in Czech, two in English. :)

    Meg Cabot - Jak začíná láska, Teen Idol a Sophie Kinsella - Twenties girl :)

4. I'm going tomorrow to Poland! :) On the bike! 60 km! It's sixty! sixty kilometres!
    I hope I can handle. :)
I already won't here to the end of May... So Have a nice end of that month :)

13. 5. 2013

Milovaný Pápež - Bernhard Hulsebusch

    Autor: Bernhard Hulsebusch
    Názov knihy: Milovaný pápež
    Oficiálny názov knihy: 
Karol der grosse - Papst Johannes Paul II. Anekdoten und Erinnerungen

    Žáner: biografický román

    Séria: -
    Diel: -

    Vydavateľstvo: LÚČ

    Rok vydania: 2012

    Počet strán: 101  Doba čítania: ?

11. 5. 2013

A little bit of culture with folk music :)

On 31 April I had a concert on Building of May :)
Therefore I want to share my experience with you.

At the beginning... 
May greeted us like this:

And We're here... :) 

On the end... 
Two songs which we played there...

P.S. I'm the one who plays on the flute in blue costume. :D :)

3. 5. 2013

Welcome to high school !

Today It is the official entry into a new chapter of my life. Welcome to High School ! :-)

Yeaaah... I just got official letter that I'm accepted to high school. Congratulation me! :D
I'm so so happy! :) It is the start of something new. :)
"New school, new friends, new teachers, the first love (maybe :D)... It is high school! :-)"    from my twitter wall.  

2. 5. 2013

The Beginning of May - the Month of Love

Did you notice that yesterday month May come to us? Month May - a time of love. ♥
Maybe, you noticed, too that we have a new blog design today. I did not want to give a design with any hearts, because it is so so... ordinary. So I used Poppy. :) Do you like it? :)

Maybe, you will find your true love for those thirty days. Maybe :)
But if you will not... Read my tweet! :)
"Love is part of life of everyone. Even if you don't have a partner,                                                you have loving people around you."
And now I have something for Slovaks and Czechs :)
I do not know, about you, But I would also renamed month May on month of books. Competitions for books are on the internet this month. Yay :)

It's "Knižní hop" (Something like "Book-jump")

You can join on these website: 

1. Knižní doupě (CZ & SK)
2. Books full of magic (CZ & SK )
3. Nejen knižní blog... (CZ)
4. laurdes (CZ & SK)
5. Nick' s World of Books (CZ & SK)
6. Pod bílým oleandrem (CZ & SK)
7. Yours Fantasy (CZ)
8. My beloved books (CZ & SK)
9. TerraDV (CZ)
10. Mezi nebem a peklem (CZ)
11. Terisekk - Knižní zašívárna (CZ)
12. Vendea's dream world of books (CZ)
13. AEM books (CZ)
14. S láskou ke knihám (CZ)
15. Lena Donan (SK)
16. NikaRoovy (CZ)
17. Literární koutek (CZ & SK)
18. Books - parts of my life (CZ & SK)
19. Terra Libri (CZ)
20. Roxanne's bookshelf (CZ & SK)
21. CZ-books (CZ)
22. Katrinka (CZ & SK)
23. C.ind.ere.lla (CZ)
24. Bookverse (CZ & SK)