28. 5. 2013

What happened this month ?

Hello, everyone! :)
Even too this month ran down pretty quickly. And in this time, many things happened.
And also something changed. :) But a change is life. Life has to be a change for us all. :)
So What happened:
1. I finally changed the design of that page. Before it wasn't very nice :D Or?
2. I gave to procure about 20 photos and I have great pleasure from them. :)

3. I participated the "Book-jump" - competition for books.
    And... I won three books :)
    Twitter: Yeah! I won one competition called "Knižní hop" something like "Book-jump" :D
                 I won three books. :) BOOKS! :) Love it! :) One in Czech, two in English. :)

    Meg Cabot - Jak začíná láska, Teen Idol a Sophie Kinsella - Twenties girl :)

4. I'm going tomorrow to Poland! :) On the bike! 60 km! It's sixty! sixty kilometres!
    I hope I can handle. :)
I already won't here to the end of May... So Have a nice end of that month :)

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