27. 4. 2013

Follow me on Twitter

Today you might have noticed that twitter-button were added on the blog.
You can follow me on it.
Today I looked on my twitter's wall and I have something from it, for you, for last two month...

I made the list of books. I want to buy 15 books & read 8 books(HP+Refuge by N. Sparks), which we have at home. It will take time. :)

Do you know when does the sun have the strongest power? In its last sunrays of the day.
I see in it God. :-)


To infinity and beyond...

You can close your eyes, but if you will not move a finger, you will change nothing.

Have all the books of the world... the happiest man in the world :) #NicholasSparks #LoveToBooks

Reading book before bedtime. Opening of new world. Goooood night! :-)

'cause God wanted it that way.

Sunset and raindrops... common game of nature :)

Lorna Byrne said: "Let bygones be bygones, don't look back, but concentrate on the future."


If it entices you, you're in it. Magic of chocolate.

#all You have to read this wonderful story #TheLastSong which will surely cry you. :-)

Maybe I look different from the outside, but inside I'm still me!

"I want to make you happy because seeing you smiling makes me happy!" Poo


"The Last Song" Tears will overmaster you.

I haven't read the book so long ago. About two months. It's amazing feeling when you fell into wonderful 
story. :-)

We always look at people what they are. Why we don't look at us. ? Why?

Habemus Papam :)
20:22 New Pope appeared on the balcony the first time. :) 
Pope Francisci, we'll beg for everything good in your life on your missionary journey. :-)

It was amazing sunset yesterday. The most amazing! :) 

"The hope dies last." 

Let's throw learning beyond head and don't worry.

"I have to overcome it." - It is easy to say.

"Everything takes time." But what if this time is less than before? 

That feeling when you play a new song on the piano for the first time and you played it perfectly. :)

Fish tail or tail from my hair. Created by my sister. :) 

My pianooou... :) The best spending of time... with it and also with my family. :)

Music Video 4 - A Thousand Years

16. 4. 2013

Stroll on Sunday :-)

When you go for a walk, you'd better take your umbrella, 
even if you don't need it. ;)

You can also stop in your dear nursery... :)

And you can look the beauty of nature - spring nature.

I think that these photos managed me. And you?
( Think about what you'll write! :D )

6. 4. 2013

In the town

On this photo is a travel ticket, but it's not my travel ticket. I have a special travel ticket - card for all year, but for 28 €. But I spare on it, because I travel to town three times for week 
(to music school). 

Stairs leading to our amazing subways... 

I also took a photo of a bus at a bus stop. But I don't travel by bus, if I mustn't.

Christmas gift from me and my sister... for Dad. 


After this hard day - something sweet. :* :) 

And why was it so hard day? Look on my twitter's wall...

This week in fact only three days at school were very demanding.

And Thursday? School, afternoon Dance Lessons and even Music School. My legs hurt when I left music school. I don't know how I got home.

1. 4. 2013

Happy Easter!

I wish all Happy Easter! From the heart :-)
These Holidays are about peace and quiet... although today it was a bit of about fear of the water :D Of course, someone had to be wet! Someone like me! :D No excuses helped me! " I'm ill ! " didn't help, too! And I'm really ill ! But what already? :) Maybe it was good. :D I know that when I'm ill, it's not very good, but at least I will not be at school! :D Maybe! :D
But we are digressing a little. So... Each boy had to get a reward for his work. Although it isn't fair! After all, girls should get something! They were wet! Not boys! But what shall we do with it, girls? Oh, probably nothing! :// Oh, we are digressing, again. :D So... guys got from us this:

"Surprise in a box" :D

In surprise: chocolates, chocolate rabbits, chocolate eggs, and some money.