6. 4. 2013

In the town

On this photo is a travel ticket, but it's not my travel ticket. I have a special travel ticket - card for all year, but for 28 €. But I spare on it, because I travel to town three times for week 
(to music school). 

Stairs leading to our amazing subways... 

I also took a photo of a bus at a bus stop. But I don't travel by bus, if I mustn't.

Christmas gift from me and my sister... for Dad. 


After this hard day - something sweet. :* :) 

And why was it so hard day? Look on my twitter's wall...

This week in fact only three days at school were very demanding.

And Thursday? School, afternoon Dance Lessons and even Music School. My legs hurt when I left music school. I don't know how I got home.

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