30. 11. 2013

What's the new? #2

The next part of "What's the new?".
Do you remember when my Dad made for me and my sister new bookcase?
Yes? No? Don't worry. Just now it looks more better with these books.

Before (30 June)                                                         After (30 November)
The box on the first shelf is my "strongbox". 
I save my money for trip to London and Paris. :-)

How did change your library for the last time?

What's the new? #1

Hi! So, what's the new?
Last month I won two giveaways. One win came soon, but the second one came just this week.
I won the second one on the blog which writes Suzzie. (Look at that, just now there is next great giveaway.) The win was packed so well - like you can see on the photos below. And what I won?
Nail Nico Chic and BB cream by Garnier (made in France)
And Suzzie added a few samples for me yet. Thanks! All this enjoyed me! :-)

Oh and I forgot, maybe, maybe, I will do some GA for you, soon! :-)

23. 11. 2013

Books-Wishlist #2

1. Hood - Howard Pyle 
2. Rozum a cit - Jane Austen
3. Kam zmizla Aljaška - John Green
4. Nov - Stephenie Meyer
Úsvit - Stephenie Meyer
5. Iluze - Aprilynne Pike
Osud - Aprilynne Pike
6. A Walk to Remember - Nicholas Sparks
7. Najdlhšia cesta - Nicholas Sparks

16. 11. 2013

On My Christmas Wishlist #1

Hello, sweeties! 

I know I wasn't here for a long time, circa one moth, but you know - that school. It isn't so difficult as I was thought, but I sometimes have a short time or I'm sometimes lazy. Well, I'm only man.
So, I'm back! I'm back and I hope I will be diligent more.

November is here, and Christmas mood is already almost here, too.
And If you want to make me happy, my wishes are here:

1. Hood by Howard Pyle
2. Dream catcher
3. Brush hair
4. Slippers
5. Sweater with Norwegian pattern
6. A scarf or a shawl (again with Norwegian pattern)
7. Chocolate 
8. Camera by Canon

What are your wishes?