30. 12. 2013

Happy Birthday @MariamAstronaut !

Happy Birthday, Mariam! My friend with a big heart of Astronaut!
Good luck, health, success and fulfilled wishes (meet SP and Hook from ouat)!

Let her go for you

26. 12. 2013

Christmas gifts #2

Continued on the theme Christmas gifts
So, now, I want to show you what I found under the christmas tree. 

I got my first christmas gift on 21 December.
It was gift from @MariamAstronaut.
The drawing of Snow and Prince Charming from TV show - Once Upon a Time

And this all I found under our christmas tree... :3

I was so happy from that scarf with Norwegian pattern and warm slippers.

That scarf with Norwegian pattern :3 Aww.. :3

Cosmetics and jewellery

Sweets :3
I got these five chocolates from my older brother. 
He (like all) knows me so well! :D

All sweets... okay, something already missed :D

And the best gift on the end... my wishful camera!!! Yay! :* :3
Canon EOS 1100 D

P.S. I saved my last gift (It will be a book, surely) on Epiphany. :-)
P.P.S. I got all things which I wanted on Christmas without a dream catcher. :-)
P.P.P.S. Nice rest of this year! :-)

25. 12. 2013

Christmas gifts #1

As you can see, this is the first article on the theme Christmas gifts.
And today's article is about it what I gave my family and my friend. 

For Hana
+ Set of colors with paintbrushes and palette

For Júlia

For Kathrin

For Martin

For Mum

For Dad
Minions!!! :3  

For my best friend 
For @MariamAstronaut

What did you donate your family/friends ? :-)

21. 12. 2013

18. 12. 2013

Christmas concert

So, today I'm at home, because yesterday I had Christmas concert
So, I took some time off - one day. It's a bit of a little, but better than nothing. 

Something little from yesterday:
I was at school like usually, but with the costume and gambado till 2pm. Then I had lunch in 
dad's work. Before 3pm, I had to walk almost through the whole town to The House of Culture. 
Of course, that I was late for 10 minutes, but my "colleagues" were late almost 45 minutes.
The concert started at 4:30pm. But we saw nothing from this concert, because we were 
on the end of program. But I can show you our performance.

15. 12. 2013


            Hi, sweeties! How are you? I hope that well, because for 10 days there is Christmas! :)
I'm fine. Tonight I was in a cinema on The Hobbit with @MariamAstronaut. After her persuading
I finally went there, because it was her earlier celebration of her birthday. And it was worth it. It was so exciting movie and so so beautiful afternoon-evening. Thank you, darling. :)

6. 12. 2013

December is here

We will go to school for just 10 days and we will have holidays. We will wake up only 16 times and there will be Christmas. Yeah, December is here – St. Nicholas, snow, Christmas.