15. 12. 2013


            Hi, sweeties! How are you? I hope that well, because for 10 days there is Christmas! :)
I'm fine. Tonight I was in a cinema on The Hobbit with @MariamAstronaut. After her persuading
I finally went there, because it was her earlier celebration of her birthday. And it was worth it. It was so exciting movie and so so beautiful afternoon-evening. Thank you, darling. :)

2 komentáre:

  1. It was a great day, yesterday! I still think of it and I just can't learn, I listen to that song (I've already heard it like 20 times) and, damnit, what a great evening and movie and everything! The Hobbit 3 - here we go!
    Aaaand this photo is good! :D :)

    1. Yeah! Next time! :) Well, I must send you the photo of you. :D :)