26. 12. 2013

Christmas gifts #2

Continued on the theme Christmas gifts
So, now, I want to show you what I found under the christmas tree. 

I got my first christmas gift on 21 December.
It was gift from @MariamAstronaut.
The drawing of Snow and Prince Charming from TV show - Once Upon a Time

And this all I found under our christmas tree... :3

I was so happy from that scarf with Norwegian pattern and warm slippers.

That scarf with Norwegian pattern :3 Aww.. :3

Cosmetics and jewellery

Sweets :3
I got these five chocolates from my older brother. 
He (like all) knows me so well! :D

All sweets... okay, something already missed :D

And the best gift on the end... my wishful camera!!! Yay! :* :3
Canon EOS 1100 D

P.S. I saved my last gift (It will be a book, surely) on Epiphany. :-)
P.P.S. I got all things which I wanted on Christmas without a dream catcher. :-)
P.P.P.S. Nice rest of this year! :-)

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