21. 12. 2013

Now we are free...

Finally, here is our expected freedom, freedom from school.
So, on the beginning, let's listen to song below...

     After 4 months of school, the last school day finally came and with it... our expected days off.
18 days off. It is only a few days in compared with 60 days in summer, but we don't have to think about school. Yayaya! 
     And what were these four months? What happened in these months? Let's look on it.
     In September... well, September was so exciting. The first days at new school, so strange subjects, new teachers, new classmates, everything new. Well, a change comes with time.
     As time passed the first exams came and the first marks were on the earth. Fortunately, the first marks was only 1, but an excellent student sometimes fails, so the first twos must come. 
     I thought that at grammar school we won't make any projects, but I made a mistake. 
We made the first project on history. We could choose some theme. I chose the theme 
Seven Wonders of  the Ancient World. Every weekend I did some part of it and the result was too good (at least according to me). What do you think? 

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

     The next project was a production of Monument to the fallen in World War I on the lesson of Arts and Culture. Yeah! Right now, you said yourself "What is this subject?". About arts and culture. But we learn about boring and useless things. But two best lesson was when I and @MariamAstronaut made this:

Monument to the fallen in World War I

     I also made Christmas wreath to school, too. Of course, with Mom's help. Yeah, again on the lesson of Arts and Culture. Because our teacher isn't fair. The waste of words!

As time passed, the marks came with the exams. And How I stand?
I think that it is good, but it could be better. :-)

Just three days to Christmas ^.^

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  1. Very nice and strong projects.. and those marks could be better? Yes, always can be better, but not perfect ;) I have same marks and I am happy! :D sorry for my english. I'm just eleven :D

    1. Thank you for your nice words! :-) And your english is good, so it's okay. :)