16. 11. 2013

On My Christmas Wishlist #1

Hello, sweeties! 

I know I wasn't here for a long time, circa one moth, but you know - that school. It isn't so difficult as I was thought, but I sometimes have a short time or I'm sometimes lazy. Well, I'm only man.
So, I'm back! I'm back and I hope I will be diligent more.

November is here, and Christmas mood is already almost here, too.
And If you want to make me happy, my wishes are here:

1. Hood by Howard Pyle
2. Dream catcher
3. Brush hair
4. Slippers
5. Sweater with Norwegian pattern
6. A scarf or a shawl (again with Norwegian pattern)
7. Chocolate 
8. Camera by Canon

What are your wishes?

7 komentárov:

  1. Ahoj Leni,
    to je taková krása! Chci všechno...úžasná inspirace ;-).

    1. Ďakujem :) Už len dúfať, že to dostanem :D :)

  2. Odpovede
    1. Sledujem ťa už dlhšiu dobu, čiže som sa zapojila už asi pred mesiacom. :D :)

  3. Posílám jednu malou pozvánku na GIVEAWAY - http://handbagforladies.blogspot.cz/2013/11/giveaway-getfashioncz.html Snad se ráda zapojíš! :-)