1. 4. 2013

Happy Easter!

I wish all Happy Easter! From the heart :-)
These Holidays are about peace and quiet... although today it was a bit of about fear of the water :D Of course, someone had to be wet! Someone like me! :D No excuses helped me! " I'm ill ! " didn't help, too! And I'm really ill ! But what already? :) Maybe it was good. :D I know that when I'm ill, it's not very good, but at least I will not be at school! :D Maybe! :D
But we are digressing a little. So... Each boy had to get a reward for his work. Although it isn't fair! After all, girls should get something! They were wet! Not boys! But what shall we do with it, girls? Oh, probably nothing! :// Oh, we are digressing, again. :D So... guys got from us this:

"Surprise in a box" :D

In surprise: chocolates, chocolate rabbits, chocolate eggs, and some money. 


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