6. 3. 2013

Something about my birthday yet and something more...

So... This word is still on start of article (or somewhere in article), huh? :D
So! :D I had a birthday last week yet, but my brother baked a cake for me on Sunday. Do you understand it? Do you understand? I do. The men are lazy for that work. My brother only took the opportunity that I had a birthday and he baked a cake for me, because it was his homework. But not, he surely did it of love for me. I know it. :) And he was wearing Mom's wort-red apron. :D

I have also got a book from classmates who made for ​​me amazing gift which was in the previous article, sweater... beautiful and amazing sweater from Mom, dessert and sweater from grandma, and that is about all. :)

I'm closing the chapter about my birthday and I'll continue... :)
In the last days, I like this song (Just give me reason by P!NK) and I hope I can find music notes on it. :)

And maybe, if I'll have music notes on this song, maybe I'll play it as follows: 

Maybe! :)

And one last thing: Till three days, you would had to find my new music video and some music notes. Bye

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