28. 2. 2013

My birthday with amazing people :)

Hello, people! Did you have a good time? I did. Especially on Tuesday. And you know what was on Tuesday? I had a birthday. :) Not that I wanted to brag with it. :D But let's go to the point.
Cause it was on Tuesday, I had to go to school. (no new news :D) The second hour was biology and we wrote exam. Terrible exam! TERRIBLE! But after hour I got a "little" gift from my sweet classmate. It was very nice. :-) And it is interesting that music notes on which is drawn Astronaut are from song Crazy by SP (Simple Plan). Nice :-)

And this cube was made of the words which I have on my profile on twitter:
God, Family, Friends, Books, Music, Piano :)

But after school, I couldn't celebrate because I went to art school. So when I came home at seven o'clock in the evening, surprise (a)waited for me. Hedgehogs and "ice lolly" :D 
Banana ice lolly :D

And another gift was from my mum and dad. It was kilogram of chocolate. :D
Namely, I wished kilogram of chocolate for Christmas. And what I got for my birthday? 
Kilogram of chocolate Schogetten. Yummy :*

All my chocolates...

And my other wonderful gift from Dad. His camera. Thanks :-)
I didn't found better solution than it snap. :D

I also got a postcard from grandma from western Slovakia, which was lost for two days. 

I was very pleased from all. :-)
Have a good time and don't forget to smile. :-) Bye :)

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