16. 9. 2013

T-shirt DIY

Would you like to make a gift for someone and please him? 
Or would you like to please yourself? 
Make a T-shirt according to your taste :)

(I made this T-shirt (with SP) for my friend Mary on her name-day.)

We will need: white T-shirt, Textile Art, brush, bowl on water, drawings and scissors.

Then we will print what we want to have on the T-shirt. 
(I printed "SIMPLE PLAN" and a picture of guitar.)

Before we will paint for it, we will underlay a some newspaper into the T-shirt.

Then we can start...

Then we will wait when color will get dry. 
About 3-4 hours if you didn't mix color with water.

And then we will fix it with a flatiron for 3-5 minutes.

Our T-shirt is finished! :-)

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  1. Odpovede
    1. Jééé... nový návštevník! :) Vitaj! :) A ďakujem :) Trochu som sa inšpirovala aj inými blogerkami :)