15. 9. 2013

Welcome September, School, or whatever

Welcome September! 
Hi, guys, (when some people are still here after two weeks of  my absence).
I'm sorry that I wasn't be for a long time here, but school is already here! 
Yeah! I already attend to secondary grammar school. It's so big, but after two weeks it is better.
Math teacher is fast enough, but he's nice. But biology teacher and PE teacher are a little strict. But it isn't already primary school, it's secondary grammar school.
So... I must study... or...

Have a nice day and see you tomorrow! :)

2 komentáre:

  1. I didn't post since the first day of school either. I know I should write an articel, but I'm just too lazy. Like tooooooo lazy :D
    "...see you tomorrow!" means that there will be an articel? I'd love that.

  2. I'm lazy, too. But I have overcome myself. :)
    Yeah! :D It is already here! :)